Wholebunch Syrah 2019 by Gabrielskloof

R200.00 per bottle.
We have only a few bottles left!

” I am a huge fan of Gabrielskloof wines. I think for the entire time I worked in restaurants, I had a “Gabby” on the list. The wines are made by Peter-Allan Finlayon, one of the most consistent and talented people making wine in South Africa. The wholebunch was also a discovery that I stumbled across while looking for something else. I had a long weekend with close friends by the beach and went out wine tasting on one of the days. Gabrielskloof was not too far away and because I knew the wines well I knew it would not disappoint. It didn’t, in fact it surprised me with the Wholebunch. At the time it was available at the farm and had I not found myself at Gabrielskloof that day, I may have missed out on it completely. It is absolutely delicious, a crunchy light and aromatic style Syrah, that you could wind down with, smash with a burger with or have with a serious steak with. I love to discover chameleon wines that can fit into any occasion, it is incredibly satisfying and this for me is right up there. For that reason it makes it on to the christmas list. “

Listen to Spencer’s notes on this wine.
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