TMW Chenin Blanc 2016

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“This wine tastes very complete. It is a wonderful balance of pure bright yellow fruits, loquat comes to mind.”
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This wine tastes very complete. It is a wonderful balance of pure bright yellow fruits, loquat comes to mind. Growing up in Kenya loquats grew everywhere and I have eaten more than my fair share. The palate on this wine reminds me of that juicy sweet fruit with its zingy acidity. There is a lot more going on though besides just the fruit, there is a very pure wet stone like minerality and just a touch of salinity. Which might sound unusual but I think in the same way a pinch of salt works  in a cake recipe, that salinity just enhances the complex flavours going on in this wine. Enjoy and indulge on it now,  it is a wonderful wine with the right amount of complexity to keep you company when you unwind at the end of the day, or to pair with summer food. Such a pity no more was made.

This wine is close to home for us as it was made just up the road from where we both used to work in Woodstock. It was an ambitious project from a very passionate and ambitious individual. TMW stands for Tim Martin Wines. 

Tim Martin quit his high flying  job working in finance in London to pursue his passion for making wine. He converted an old warehouse into a cellar right in the middle of Salt River in Cape Town and started making wine there. The idea of an Urban cellar is pretty cool, when you think of a cellar you picture rolling hills, stunning landscapes and rows of vines. Thus seeing one surrounded by Urban sprawl and traffic is certainly very different.

Unfortunately there was no happy ending to the romantic story of Tim’s pursuit of passion and after a few vintages he ended the project. Happily the cellar lives on and is now in the capable of hands of Duncan Savage where it continues to produce outstanding wines. 

Fortunately parcels of his wine are still available and we were able to get our hands on this fantastic chenin from 2016. 

His passion is still lived through the wine and it is evident when you taste it. He believed in minimum intervention when making the wine and letting nature take its course. The result is very pure fruit, wonderful minerality and excellent length. 

This wine is in its ultimate drinking window; it can age for another year or so but this really is the wine at its very best. We often are guilty of drinking wine especially white wine too young and this is a great example of how a bit of time can make a wine outstanding.

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