The Barber Muscat D’ Alexandrie (Magnum)

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“Incredible floral aromatics on the nose, potpourri and lavender it smells like spring.”
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Incredible floral aromatics on the nose,  potpourri and lavender it smells like spring. The aromatics follow through when you first sip and then it starts to mess with your head. The palate is bone dry and beautifully textured. It is a wine you will most certainly sip more then once just to get your head around it. The aromatics carry through on to the finish. It is an excellent companion for food pairing, as it is incredibly versatile. The sweeter aromatics lend itself nicely to spicy food but it also has incredible acidity which allows it to cut through thicker creamer dishes. This wine would go smashingly with a Thai green curry.

A dry muscat is one of the most fascinating wines one can come across. Muscat or as it is more commonly known Hanepoot, has an interesting character in that it actually smells and tastes like grape juice. The overall impression is that the wine will be sweet and more often than not it is. 

Thus when you come across a dry muscat it completely messes with your head. The perfumed aromatics lift the wine and make you think that it is a lot sweeter then it is, when you actually check the analysis you discover there is hardly any sugar at all.

I first came across a dry muscat in 2015 and put it on as a wine by the glass at Burrata. I had lots of fun giving it to my more adventurous customers to taste and watch their face change from smelling it to tasting it. 

We are offering this wine in a magnum because well bigger is better. Both Tinashe and I are both really big on big bottles. Wine does generally show better in larger formats and when you come across a wine like this where one bottle is probably not going to be enough, having a magnum will come in handy. 

We got this wine from our business partner Attie from Opstal estate.  It is part of the Barber range which is a tribute to Attie’s father, who’s first business endeavor was a humble barber shop in Worster. He later met his wife and inherited the farm in Slanghoek and he dedicated himself to framing and making wins. A generation later his sons continue his legacy.

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