Red Blend 2018 Kumusha

R200.00 per bottle.
We have only a few bottles left!

“Ideally we wanted to have the very first vintage of the Kumusha red to have under our Christmas tree, but unfortunately every last bottle is sold out. We have thus taken the very last of the second vintage from Tinashe’s personal vinoteque. His loss is our gain as this is the last vintage which had the picture of his grandfathers homestead on the label. By the time got to this vintage he had a much clearer idea of the wine that he wanted to create. The amount of cab is a lot more to have more depth and structure. There is still quite a bit of Cinsault to soften the cab and add elegance. It follows the blueprint of the traditional Stellenbosch dry reds which are believed to have been a combination of Cabernet and Cinsault. Two years of development since it was bottled in 2018 the wine is looking really good and we are very proud to be able to offer it as one of our Christmas selections.”

Listen to Tinashe’s notes on this wine.
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