Pieter Ferreira Rosé Pinot Noir Vintage 2013

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“Burst of red berry fruits, pomegranate, red cherries and cranberry on the nose. The palate is generous with a creamy texture and a persistent bead. Well integrated mouse and a lovely long finish.”
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There is an incredible amount of detail on this wine. The fruit is very clear and has a very attractive nose: a burst of red berry fruits, pomegranate, red cherries and cranberry, with autolytic notes of toasted brioche. This follows through on the palate which is generous with a creamy texture. The texture of the bubble is fantastic, a soft and creamy mouse and a persistent delicate bead. It has a ong dry finish leaving a lingering taste of ripe strawberry.
Pieter “bubbles” Ferreira’s name is synonymous with Cap Classique in South Africa. He has been making bubbly for 30 plus years and for those that may not know he is the man behind Graham Beck’s famous Bubbly. It is simple to assume that the bubbly that the man who has made countless outstanding bubblies puts his name on will be absolutely incredible but there is way more to that story I was delighted to learn. In order to do the story justice I would need to introduce the other Ferreira , Pieter’s wife Ann. In her own words aside from owning her husband she also owns the brand Pieter Ferreira. She shares Pieters passion and though her husband’s legacy at Graham Beck and as an early pioneer of Cap Classique in South Africa is established, there is no MCC out there that encapsulates him, his passion and his story. She thus put her pension into investing and creating the Pieter Ferreira brand. The passion project from the most passionate man about bubbles. The detail in making this wine resonates that the wine spends six years on the lees and only cuvée quality wine goes into making it. Further to that it is an expression of site, the area where the grapes were grown. I was delighted to learn that one of the sites for the Pieter Ferreira Rosé 2013 is actually Slanghoek which is where our Somm on Call headquarters are. This is the second vintage and is made from 100% Pinot Noir. There are plenty of other synergies we share but most pointedly, it is inspiring for Tinashe and myself is that Pieters own story is one where he has pulled himself up from the bootlaces where without a formal qualification as a winemaker to a globally leader in his field.
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