Olifantsberg Blanc 2017

R225.00 per bottle.
We have only a few bottles left!

“I first came across Olifantsberg when I was at Burrata and my good friend Kyle Martin introduced me to the brand. It is impossible to taste everything and even more farfetched to know everything. Thus creating strong networks is key and when someone you trust asks you to try something, you will generally do so. That is basically how I stumbled upon Elizma who makes the wine at Olifantsberg. She came for lunch at the restaurant with Kyle cracked open the wine and the rest is history. At the time white Rhone varietals like Roussanne were getting their time in the limelight and there were some amazing examples entering the market, mostly as blends. Most of them came in at a hefty price point and I was weary when I tasted the blanc that it would fall into that category. I was thrilled when it wasn’t and it went straight from the lunch table onto the winelist. It’s a blend of Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Chenin.  It was for me then and still is one of the best White blends being produced in South Africa. It thus proudly takes its place on the list of our favourite things.”

Listen to Spencer’s notes on this wine.
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