Mullineux Beau Kasteel 2017

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“This wine oozes elegance. It is one to impress, the kind of wine you take to something that means something.”
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This wine oozes elegance. It is one to impress, the kind of wine you take to something that means something. Upfront it is bursting with red berries and plum which opens up to a very alluring  texture with very fine grippy tannin and very well integrated sweet spice notes of black and white pepper.  It has wonderful length and a pretty floral note on the finish. 

The combination of big fruit and lots of spicy notes are synonymous with wines from the Southern Rhone and this wine fits comfortably into that box. Very drinkable now although decanting does make it even better. It can make a very useful addition to your cellar to bring out and impress again in 3 to 5 years.

We were thrilled to be able to offer you this wine. The Mullineux have a well earned reputation as one of the most consistent and highly regarded producers. They are the current Platters winery of the year and have been so in 4 of the last 7 years. Not just feted at home Andrea Mullineaux was named the winemaker of the year in 2016 by the super  prestigious Wine Spectator magazine. That is serious pedigree. 

The Beau Kasteel is a new wine to the Mullineaux portfolio and not generally available. It is made for  their exclusive wine club members and very rarely is anyone outside the group granted the opportunity to get any. 

If the exclusivity doesn’t grab you then the wine most certainly will. The Mullineux built their reputation on Rhone style wines. This was inspired by the time they spent in the Southern Rhone and is a blend of traditional favorites from the region Grenache, Cinsault Mourvedre and Carrignan. It is made in the style of the region fermented in monstrous vats for 11 months. It is a celebration of the land and all the grapes are from their favorite sites on the Kasteelberg mountain. 

The result is a fantastic blend of crunchy fruit lovely spice and elegant mouth feel.

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