Ladismith Potstill Brandy 8 Year Old

R650.00 per bottle.
We have only a few bottles left!
“The second brandy under our tree this year. We sought out to offer two different styles of brandy, thus if you prefer your brandy to be less fruity then the Ladismith would be the one for you. This was one of Tinashe’s favorite Brandys on his brandy trolley while he was at the test kitchen and it was very popular with his guests. It is a very complex pot still with nutty and woody aromas showing prominently as well as more subdued secondary notes of jasmine and vanilla with a pleasant brandy burn on the finish. People do not drink enough brandy and it suffers the unfortunate reputation of being whisky’s poor cousin. Which is such a shame as there are few things in the world that taste better than well made brandy.”
Listen to Tinashe’s notes on this wine.
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