Kumusha Flame Lilly 2020

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“The 2019 vintage was more power and finesse but 2020 is proving to be more subtle and elegant. It was a cooler vintage and it shows with the white peach, pear and limes on the nose. Gentle mouthfeel that is fresh and vibrant. Dry persistent finish.”
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About the Wine

From the new world, we have the lovely full-bodied Flame Lily 2020, and like a true Kumusha wine, it pays homage to its origins. This newly released vintage fully expresses the cooler climate, chosen cultivars and cellar conditions of the year – reminding us all that nothing ever stays the same. More subtle than its 5-star 2019 predecessor, the 2020 vintage flaunts notes of white peach, lemon zest and winter melon on the nose, with a gentle mouthfeel and a vibrant, persistent finish.

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