De Meye Chenin Blanc 2019

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A wine of many layers the citrus aromatics develop into an intense concentration of pear and yellow nectarine.

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Additional Information

The vine is the hallowed factory that produces fruit year after year that allows us to drink and enjoy our favorite wines. I chose the word hallowed with good reason as it is a truth agreed upon by all that you cannot make good wine from bad grapes. You can of course very easily do the opposite and many do, but you won’t find any of those over here.

The vine is a living thing and with age just like most human beings it becomes wiser with age. It learns its environment better and how to survive in it indeed even thrive in it. It manages its water consumption better and moderates its yields concentrating more on quality versus quantity. For these reasons one should never take lightly any sticker on a bottle that says certified heritage vineyard. The vineyard that produced the wine would be part of the old vine project and would be at the very least 35 years of age. Older than many people that will enjoy a sip of it. The things those vines have lived through if they could talk, they would tell you a story or two.

The De Meye Chenin block was planted in 1978 and has been producing wine growing grapes for more than 40 years. For many of those years it was blended away as part of the large cooperatives produce. However, in more recent times it has got its time in the limelight and is now producing a stunning example of its own stand-alone chenin. De Meye is one of those small estates that has been around for ages and has a very proud history. As a smaller producer you will not find their wines too easily which is a pity as their entire range of wines are delightful. The wines are made by the incredible Francois Haasbroek formerly of Waterford and now with his own label Blackwater wines.

Commonly old vine chenin are wooded and can be very opulent showcasing the very best typically chenin characters of toasted oats and honey with lots of texture, sometimes a touch of sweetness. This though is a little different showing incredible freshness. At only 12% alcohol it has a refreshing crispness that compliments the typical chenin characters and a wonderful show of fruit

Tasting note

Lots of upfront freshness on both the nose and the palate, with an intense citrus fruit aromatic and flavour of lemon and lime. A wine of many layers the aromatic develops into an intense concentration of pear and yellow nectarine. The finish is long leaving the most pleasant lingering aroma of baked bran muffins. The wine with its diverse realm of aromatics and flavours is held together by a very precise acidity that is prominent from start to finish.

There is quite a lot going on with this wine allowing for quite a variety of potential pairings. With its pronounced acidity it would be a winner with pasta both cream based and tomato based.

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