David and Nadia Saigneé Rosé 2019

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“The mouth feel on this wine is just incredible, creamy and mouth filling and refreshingly crisp on the finish.”
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The mouth feel on this wine is just incredible,  creamy and mouth filling and refreshingly crisp on the finish. It is the sort of wine that gets you in trouble because before you know it one glass has led to two and then the bottle is done and you are faced with difficult questions. 

Pinotage makes great rose, with very clear and precise fruit. This is no exception, wonderfully juicy notes of strawberry and raspberry. Moderate alcohol of 13percent.It is a wine made in a style to enjoy now, you are unlikely to keep it in your cellar for a very long time. That shouldn’t present a problem though.

We sourced this wine from David and Nadia who are one of the top producers in the country at the moment. They are based in Swartland and like many of the awesome producers in the region, they fully embrace the hand mother nature has dealt them, producing phenomenal wine from a challenging region. 

It is made mostly from Pinotage (72%) whose reputation is growing as a rockstar red grape in the region. Keep your eyes peeled for Swartland Pinotage, it really delivers. 

We would comfortably drink this wine as a light red wine rather than just a fun rosé. Like a  Saigneé should be, it is made like a red wine. There are  no half measures taken ; it is sourced from young low yielding vines whose specific purpose is to  make this rosé and it  spends an entire 9 months of its life in a barrel. 

The result is a beautifully textured super fruity light red wine, exactly what you should be drinking on those sunny but not quite hot spring days. 

We were delighted to get our hands on some of it as this is the very first release of this wine and anyone who drinks it will be among the first to taste something new from one of the most exciting procedures in the country.

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