Brookdale Estate Mason Road Syrah

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“Amazing aromatics on the nose a combination of white pepper, cinnamon and clove, with hints of violet. The palate is suitably medium bodied like classic Syrah and bursting with plum and strawberry flavours with delicate notes of the sweet spices coming through, building up to a lingering spicy finish.”
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About the Wine

Paarl has an undeserved poor cousin reputation in comparison to its more illustrious neighbors. Which is a shame as there is some magnificent wine coming out from there. Brookdale is a brand spanking new estate that is a shining example of that.

It first came to my attention in 2016 when Duncan Savage and his then assistant winemaker Kiarra Scott were having dinner at Burrata and told me of the amazing day they had planting new vines for a project they were working on in Paarl.

Fast forward five years and the vines they planted are 5 years old and Kiara now makes the wine there herself.

Kiara’s story is quite cool from growing up in Mitchell’s Plain to making wine in France and California and now her own winemaking gig all before the age of 30. But her own story is deserving of its own pages, the focus here is the wine. And what fantastic wine it is. Brookdale currently makes 2 chenins, a Syrah and a rosé.

I was blown away by the Syrah and hence it is the one I selected for offer number 8. From the first crop of the five year old vines, it already is showing incredible character.

In many ways this is blank canvas stuff. There is no track record or anything to refer to so it is very much learning on the go. Kiara jokes that young vines are like toddlers with lots of energy, and not quite sure what to do with it. She thus had to be very careful when harvesting to make sure only the best grapes made it into the wine.

The result is just fantastic and if this is only the beginning I will be incredibly excited to see what the future holds for Brookdale

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