Bellevue 1953 Pinotage 2017

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This wine is an incredible testament to its history. It is quite a big wine with lots of upfront fruit that bursts flavours of ripe, dark-plum and black cherries. Full bodied and textured, this wine really sits on your mid palate. With its incredible length, this wine leaves a lingering impression of cinnamon and cherries.

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Additional Information

This wine is history in a glass. Coming from the second oldest block of Pinotage in the entire world, this statement is not so difficult to believe.  Bellevue Wine Estate, situated in Bottelary Stellenbosch, was one of the first places where Pinotage was commercially planted way back in the 1950s. The particular block from which this Pinotage comes, was planted in 1953. Sixty eight years later, it still stands and it still produces incredible wine. Quantity wise, however, it only yields 2 tonnes per hectare. In comparison to 8 tonnes per hectare, which is considered to be the ‘norm’, the yield is certainly small.

There is very limited stock available and therefore, it is an incredible  privilege to be able to offer this wine from the 64-year-old 2017 vintage. If you are fortunate enough to taste a glass, or better yet, own a bottle, be sure to savour it completely, for it is something truly special.

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