• 2nd Chamber Carignan


    About the Wine

    This wine is all about personality. Kyle Martin, the man behind the wine oozes personality and like an artist he uses the wine to express two of his great loves: hip hop music and Kung Fu movies. The name is inspired by one of the most iconic retro  Kung Fu movies The 36th Chamber of Shaolin  which in turn inspired one of the most Iconic Hip Hop albums ever made 36 Chambers. The label tells it all and if you are wondering what’s written in giant Chinese it’s the symbol of the year of the pig, which is what 2019 was in the Chinese calendar and yes the wine is a 2019 vintage.

    Wine, Kung Fu, Hip Hop what’s not to like, it’s a bold and adventurous wine, Kyle considers himself an adventurer indeed his wine company is named Caravel wine after the Portuguese sailing boats that discovered the world.

    Why Carrignan you ask? Why not, it is  a suitably interesting grape to match the incredibly interesting story behind the wine. There are some fabulous examples of Carrignan being made in South Africa at the moment. It suits a lot of the terroir in the Western Cape and weather adding structure to a blend or a fruity example on its own, I am happy to drink lots of it. Only 1400 of these bottles were ever made and we were only able to get out hands on a few of them so grab them when you can.


    Tasting Notes

    Mulberry and aniseed are prominent on the nose. The palate is bursting with lots of red fruits like cranberry and raspberry; it is an incredibly  juicy wine. It has a lovely balance to it, some great acidity keeping the luscious fruit together and it is medium bodied. The finish leaves an enjoyable lingering sweet and spicy flavour. It is quite a versatile wine that can compliment a number of different dishes, mine went down really well with grilled pork belly and roast potatoes

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  • Aristargos 2013 David and Nadia


    Enticing bouquet of white peach, earth, dried herbs and flowers. Wonderfully poised with good fruit concentration and lively acidity before a pithy finish. Moves through the mouth really well – the most complete vintage to date.

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  • Aslina Chardonnay 2020


    Tasting Notes:
    A complex chardonnay , rich in character, giving
    ripe pears and green apples on the nose. Partial
    wooding gives this wine the edge and to show the
    beautiful tropical fruit and limy character. Slight
    buttery character showing on the palate. This wine
    can pair well with rich foods too and can go well on
    its own.

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  • Bellevue 1953 Pinotage 2017


    This wine is history in a glass. Coming from the second oldest block of Pinotage in the entire world, this statement is not so difficult to believe.  Bellevue Wine Estate, situated in Bottelary Stellenbosch, was one of the first places where Pinotage was commercially planted way back in the 1950s. The particular block from which this Pinotage comes, was planted in 1953. Sixty eight years later, it still stands and it still produces incredible wine. Quantity wise, however, it only yields 2 tonnes per hectare. In comparison to 8 tonnes per hectare, which is considered to be the ‘norm’, the yield is certainly small.

    There is very limited stock available and therefore, it is an incredible  privilege to be able to offer this wine from the 64-year-old 2017 vintage. If you are fortunate enough to taste a glass, or better yet, own a bottle, be sure to savour it completely, for it is something truly special.

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  • Bergsig Touriga Nacional 2015


    Ripe plum black currant and cherries all those wonderful dark fruits that remind you of Christmas are prominent on the nose and on the palate. I dare use the note Christmas cake aromatics, and though rather simplistic it is an incredibly appropriate way to describe this wine. Long on the finish and a wonderful chewy texture.

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  • Brookdale Estate Mason Road Syrah


    About the Wine

    Paarl has an undeserved poor cousin reputation in comparison to its more illustrious neighbors. Which is a shame as there is some magnificent wine coming out from there. Brookdale is a brand spanking new estate that is a shining example of that.

    It first came to my attention in 2016 when Duncan Savage and his then assistant winemaker Kiarra Scott were having dinner at Burrata and told me of the amazing day they had planting new vines for a project they were working on in Paarl.

    Fast forward five years and the vines they planted are 5 years old and Kiara now makes the wine there herself.

    Kiara’s story is quite cool from growing up in Mitchell’s Plain to making wine in France and California and now her own winemaking gig all before the age of 30. But her own story is deserving of its own pages, the focus here is the wine. And what fantastic wine it is. Brookdale currently makes 2 chenins, a Syrah and a rosé.

    I was blown away by the Syrah and hence it is the one I selected for offer number 8. From the first crop of the five year old vines, it already is showing incredible character.

    In many ways this is blank canvas stuff. There is no track record or anything to refer to so it is very much learning on the go. Kiara jokes that young vines are like toddlers with lots of energy, and not quite sure what to do with it. She thus had to be very careful when harvesting to make sure only the best grapes made it into the wine.

    The result is just fantastic and if this is only the beginning I will be incredibly excited to see what the future holds for Brookdale

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  • Chateau de Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone 2019


    About the Wine

    I am incredibly excited to share this wine on the platform. I first came across it when I had advanced somewhat on my wine journey and was drinking and tasting international wines more frequently.

    It is the sister to the Albion that we released on offer no 7 and I first bought it because I was familiar with the label. Often it is little things like that, that point you in the direction of something new. I was further attracted to it because of its price, it was and still is incredible value for money.

    I was completely blown away, it is 100% Syrah from the Southern Rhone which is somewhat uncommon. I had never tasted a Syrah like it, more than that I had no idea that a Syrah could taste like that. Medium bodied, aromatic and perfumed, refreshing acidity… it’s just fantastic. I have been a huge fan ever since. It is a real privilege to hopefully share a similar experience with you.

    The 2019 vintage is particularly good. Aside from the aromatics and texture that I have always enjoyed, the fruit on this is incredibly pure and expressive. It really completes the wine for me and really is one of the most exciting wines we have put on the platform.

    Like on offer number 7 the two wines are similar but two very different examples from the Northern and Southern hemispheres. A classic old and new world comparison if you will. What is most exciting though, is that it is a showcase of excellent South African Syrah vs a Cotes du Rhone Syrah.

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  • Clifton One Gin


    Clifton Gin

    Fashioned as a sipping gin. Which basically means do not add any tonic to this. This is rather interesting as gin is not very well known as the sort of thing that you knock back neat. I think it’s brilliant to find a product that does things differently from convention, backs itself to be awesome and then turns out to be exactly that.

    Named after the iconic Clifton beaches in Cape Town, each found at the bottom of a cliff, it is a tribute to the beautiful beaches of the cape.

    Do not take my word for it, have a sip of it on the rocks before you add any mixer, you may find that it is indeed an excellent sipping gin.

    Tasting note

    Floral notes dominante the nose and entry lavender being particularly prominent, at its core it has typical gin notes of juniper and sweet spices and finishes with a rich caramelised sugar note that lingers on the finish. The palate has a fantastic opulent creamy texture.

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  • Colmant Sec Reserve


    Expressive and inviting nose with citrus and dried stone fruit prominent, notes of Lemon zest, dried apricots and bruised apple. The palate is well balanced, subtle and very well integrated, sweetness complimented with vibrant acidity. Dried stone fruit nectarine and peach linger on the mid palate. Foamy mousse with soft bubble notes of hazelnuts linger on the finish.

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