• Kumusha Flame lilly 2020

    Kumusha Flame Lilly 2020


    About the Wine

    From the new world, we have the lovely full-bodied Flame Lily 2020, and like a true Kumusha wine, it pays homage to its origins. This newly released vintage fully expresses the cooler climate, chosen cultivars and cellar conditions of the year – reminding us all that nothing ever stays the same. More subtle than its 5-star 2019 predecessor, the 2020 vintage flaunts notes of white peach, lemon zest and winter melon on the nose, with a gentle mouthfeel and a vibrant, persistent finish.

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  • St Cosme Cotes du Rhone Les Deux Albion Blancs


    About the Wine

    This is a throwback wine to my days at Burrata. We always had a very healthy selection of international wines. Starting out on my wine journey, that is where I got my first experience with top quality wines from France, Spain and Italy. The foreign wines lived in the top corner of the cellar not to be disturbed unless they were ordered and in South Africa where most drink South Africa wine this did not happen very often. I got to know them by name and sight very well from doing the dreaded monthly stock takes. They were a few staples like this one that just stuck in my head and when I got an opportunity to taste them it was greatly satisfying. Like walking past a pair of shoes in a shop window every day until you finally get a chance to try them on. It is therefore a great pleasure for me to offer this wine to you.

    It is the perfect foil to the Flame Lilly in that it is made in a similar style. It, also like the Flame Lilly has a decent whack of Viognier which is part of the 2020 Flame Lilly, for the last time this vintage.

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