• The Barber Muscat D’ Alexandrie (Magnum)


    Incredible floral aromatics on the nose, potpourri and lavender it smells like spring. The aromatics follow through when you first sip and then it starts to mess with your head. The palate is bone dry and beautifully textured. It is a wine you will most certainly sip more than once just to get your head around it. The aromatics carry through on to the finish. It is an excellent companion for food pairing, as it is incredibly versatile. The sweeter aromatics lend itself nicely to spicy food but it also has an incredible acidity which allows it to cut through thicker, creamer dishes. This wine would go smashingly with a Thai green curry.

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  • The Op Sy Moer 2018 by Warren Ellis


    A little shy on the nose, but comes out shining on the palate. Lots of yellow fruit prominent toasted oats and very bright acidity. The wine is quite grippy and textured, the effect of the extended skin contact which gives the impression that you can almost chew on the wine. It is incredibly fresh and long on the finish. The texture opens a whole realm of possibility for what this wine can do with food. It almost dares you to be unconventional with your thinking. A slow roasted pork belly with caramelised baby onions perhaps. 

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