• The Wine Thief Costa Del Swart Fauxjolais


    “Simply delicious. Bursting with bright red fruit cranberry, raspberry and strawberry as well.”

    [audio mp3="https://www.sommoncall.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Spencer-Fauxjolis.mp3"][/audio]
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  • TMW Chenin Blanc 2016


    This wine tastes very complete. It is a wonderful balance of pure bright yellow fruits, loquat comes to mind. Growing up in Kenya loquats grew everywhere and I have eaten more than my fair share. The palate on this wine reminds me of that juicy sweet fruit with its zingy acidity. There is a lot more going on though besides just the fruit, there is a very pure wet stone like minerality and just a touch of salinity. Which might sound unusual but I think in the same way a pinch of salt works  in a cake recipe, that salinity just enhances the complex flavours going on in this wine. Enjoy and indulge on it now,  it is a wonderful wine with the right amount of complexity to keep you company when you unwind at the end of the day, or to pair with summer food. Such a pity no more was made.

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