• Aristargos 2013 David and Nadia


    Enticing bouquet of white peach, earth, dried herbs and flowers. Wonderfully poised with good fruit concentration and lively acidity before a pithy finish. Moves through the mouth really well – the most complete vintage to date.

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  • Joseph Barry Muscat


    Tasting Notes

    The Joseph Barry Muscat is a tribute to hanepoot, a Klein Karoo icon. This pot-still brandy is one of only two in the country made from Muscat d’Alexandrie (hanepoot). Matured for three years in small French oak barrels, it has a brilliant golden colour, distinct taste of sun-ripened raisins. Floral sweet aromas enhanced by spicy oak and a lingering finish without a hard burn.

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  • Kumusha Red Blend 2018


    Ideally we wanted to have the very first vintage of the Kumusha red, but unfortunately every last bottle is sold out. We have thus taken the very last of the second vintage from Tinashe’s personal vinoteque. His loss is our gain as this is the last vintage which had the picture of his grandfathers homestead on the label. By the time got to this vintage he had a much clearer idea of the wine that he wanted to create. The amount of cab is a lot more to have more depth and structure. There is still quite a bit of Cinsault to soften the cab and add elegance. It follows the blueprint of the traditional Stellenbosch dry reds which are believed to have been a combination of Cabernet and Cinsault. Two years of development since it was bottled in 2018 the wine is looking really good and we are very proud to be able to offer a few bottles. 

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  • Ladismith Potstill Brandy 8 Year Old


    Triple international gold award winning potstill brandy from Ladismith in the Klein Karoo. Double-distilled in copper pot stills and matured in French oak which unlocks the complex flavours and golden amber hues over time.  This potstill brandy has woody and nutty aromas, notes of jasmine and vanilla on the palate and a lingering aftertaste. The finest brandy in South Africa.

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  • Le Riche Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


    From my time working for a winery in Stellenbosch I came to intimately  understand the significance of cab in Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch is cab country and you would need a lot  more than your ten fingers to count the extremely good cab producers in Stellenbosch. Thus to carry the reputation of the king of cab is a crown that sits heavy on the head. Yet year after year Le Riche keeps producing worlds beating Cabernets. All the more impressive is that there has been a handing over of the batton from father to son, and now the wine is made by Cristo Le Riche. For those that follow it closely the style has changed but the quality has remained supreme. Thus when putting this christmas list together, there had to be a cab, because cab is everything and it had to be Le Riche. I was incredibly fortunate to get allocated to share with you a few bottles of the 2014.It is a  6 year old Cab which is really coming into its own now. Notable and sighty unusual for a Stellenbosch cab it is in context fairly lightly wooded, with only 15% new oak used, a likely cause of the still very prominent primary fruit.   It can certainly keep much longer but it is also much more ready to drink now then it would have been 2 or 3 years ago. It is showing a  lot more detail and a lot more nuance now, it is a fantastic example of Cabernet and would be a welcome addition on your christmas table.

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  • Olifantsberg Blanc 2017


    I first came across Olifantsberg when I was at Burrata and my good friend Kyle Martin introduced me to the brand. It is impossible to taste everything and even more farfetched to know everything. Thus creating strong networks is key and when someone you trust asks you to try something, you will generally do so. That is basically how I stumbled upon Elizma who makes the wine at Olifantsberg. She came for lunch at the restaurant with Kyle, cracked open the wine and the rest is history. At the time white Rhone varietals like Roussanne were getting their time in the limelight and there were some amazing examples entering the market, mostly as blends. Most of them came in at a hefty price point and I was weary when I tasted the blanc that it would fall into that category. I was thrilled when it wasn’t and it went straight from the lunch table onto the winelist. It’s a blend of Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Chenin.  It was for me then and still is one of the best White blends being produced in South Africa. It thus proudly takes its place on the list of our favourite things.

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  • River Dragon MCC by Silverthorn


    Made from 35 year old Colombar, fermented in Acacia oak before secondary bottle fermentation.

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  • TMW Chenin 2016 by Tim Martin Wines


    This wine tastes very complete. It is a wonderful balance of pure bright yellow fruits, loquat comes to mind. Growing up in Kenya loquats grew everywhere and I have eaten more than my fair share. The palate on this wine reminds me of that juicy sweet fruit with its zingy acidity. There is a lot more going on though besides just the fruit, there is a very pure wet stone like minerality and just a touch of salinity. Which might sound unusual but I think in the same way a pinch of salt works  in a cake recipe, that salinity just enhances the complex flavours going on in this wine. Enjoy and indulge on it now,  it is a wonderful wine with the right amount of complexity to keep you company when you unwind at the end of the day, or to pair with summer food. Such a pity no more was made.

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  • Wholebunch Syrah 2019 by Gabrielskloof


    I am a huge fan of Gabrielskloof wines. I think for the entire time I worked in restaurants, I had a “Gabby” on the list. The wines are made by Peter-Allan Finlayon, one of the most consistent and talented people making wine in South Africa. The wholebunch was also a discovery that I stumbled across while looking for something else. I had a long weekend with close friends by the beach and went out wine tasting on one of the days. Gabrielskloof was not too far away and because I knew the wines well I knew it would not disappoint. It didn’t, in fact it surprised me with the Wholebunch. At the time it was available at the farm and had I not found myself at Gabrielskloof that day, I may have missed out on it completely. It is absolutely delicious, a crunchy light and aromatic style shira, that you could wind down with, smash with a burger or have with a serious steak. I  love to discover chameleon wines that can fit into any occasion, it is incredibly satisfying and this for me is right up there. For that reason it makes it on to the christmas list.

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